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3 Ways to Heal Your Inner Child

Schema Therapy

After helping many people nurture their inner child, I'm sharing tips on how to indulge childhood tendencies. By the end of this blog you will get a sense of some things you can do to meet the unmet needs of your inner child and the pros and considerations of doing so.

Before diving into how to surrender to your inner child, first take a moment to reflect on what your inner child truly needs. Schema Therapy introduces the concept of the inner child, urging us to acknowledge unmet needs and unresolved feelings from our past. The initial step in this process is identifying what that little version of you inside requires—whether it's love, validation, security, or something entirely unique. Once you've pinpointed those needs, it's time to express them. This is not merely acknowledging those needs; it's about giving them a voice and a pathway to fulfillment. Below are some ideas to get you started.

How to Heal Your Inner Child

#1 Heartfelt Conversations: One potent method of expressing your inner child's needs is through heartfelt conversations with yourself. Stand in front of a mirror and engage in a dialogue where you speak directly to that vulnerable, younger version of yourself. Speak words of reassurance, love, and understanding. Allow yourself to voice those long-suppressed desires and feelings, offering the inner child within you the nurturing and attention it may have lacked.

#2 Journaling: Pouring your thoughts, emotions, and inner child's needs into a journal can be a therapeutic and cathartic process. Write freely and without judgment, allowing your emotions to flow onto the pages. Describe the desires, fears, and longings of your inner child as vividly as possible. This act of writing not only validates these emotions but also creates a tangible record of your journey towards self-discovery.

#3 Creative Expression: Creativity is a powerful tool for connecting with your inner child. Embrace various forms of artistic expression, such as doodling, painting with vibrant colors, composing heartfelt songs, or dancing with unbridled enthusiasm. These creative outlets provide a safe space to externalize your inner child's emotions and needs. Through art, you can communicate what words often struggle to convey, fostering a profound sense of release and connection with your inner self.

Now, let's explore the advantages and considerations of leaning into your childlike tendencies.


Living in the Moment: Children are known for their ability to fully immerse themselves in the present moment. This is a quality that many adults could benefit from. Incorporating a touch of that childlike "in-the-now" magic into your daily life can be a powerful tool for reducing stress. Imagine savoring the first sip of your morning coffee or truly feeling the gentle breeze caressing your skin during your walk to work. These simple, mindful moments can make a profound difference in your life.

Improved Relationships: Engaging in activities like drawing, coloring, playing board games, or embarking on spontaneous nature adventures can help you reconnect with your carefree, childlike spirit. This rekindling of creativity can serve as a refreshing break from the monotony of adult life and promote open-mindedness and empathy.

Other Considerations

Balancing Responsibilities: As you surrender to your inner child, it's vital to remember that you still have grown-up responsibilities to fulfill. Nurturing your inner child should not come at the expense of your obligations and commitments. It's wonderful to have dreams and aspirations, but it's equally important to recognize that every choice you make carries consequences. Authentic living involves finding between satisfying your desires and navigating the limitations of reality.

Adapting to Life's Realities: Life has a way of imposing constraints on some of our childhood dreams. However, this doesn't mean you can't infuse your life with elements of playfulness and wonder. As adults, we must deal with the realities of work, bills, and responsibilities, but this doesn't preclude us from indulging our inner child from time to time. Finding opportunities to nurture your sense of playfulness within the framework of your grown-up life can bring joy and balance.

Reconnecting with the simplicity and wonder of childhood often gets buried under the weight of adult responsibilities. You can find joy and authenticity in both realms, creating a well-rounded and enriching life experience. So, sprinkle a bit of playfulness and wonder into your daily routine—it might just be the key to a happier existence.


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