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5 Tips to Preserve Your Mental Health Amidst News of the Israel-Hamas War

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In light of the ongoing situation in Israel and Gaza, many of us, even if far away, are bombarded with upsetting images and stories through media platforms. While it might make us feel connected to what's happening globally, it's also taking a toll on our mental health.

Visual media, in particular, has a strong impact, creating vivid and disturbing images that can make us feel anxious and on edge. Handling this constant flow of information while keeping our mental well-being intact is really important, especially nowadays when we're constantly exposed to such content.

Here are some strategies to help protect your mental health and your family's.

5 Tips to Preserve Your Mental Health Amidst News of the Israel-Hamas War

Limit Your News Time: Try to cut down on the news you consume, especially on social media. Stick to one or two reliable sources and spend a maximum of 30 minutes a day catching up. And remember, avoid scrolling through news right before bedtime to ensure a more restful sleep.

Talk to Your Kids: Have open and honest conversations with your children about what's happening. Be truthful but considerate; you don't have to go into graphic details. Let them express their thoughts and questions. Teach them how to find trustworthy information and question what they see online.

Pay Attention to Your Feelings: Be mindful of any signs of stress or anxiety in both yourself and your kids. If these feelings start affecting your daily life, don't hesitate to seek help. It's especially important for children, as they might show their distress in different ways.

Relax and Recharge: Find relaxation techniques that work for you, like deep breathing or taking calming walks outdoors. Engage in activities that bring you joy to counterbalance the negativity from the news. Taking care of your mental health is crucial.

Reach Out and Connect: Don't keep your feelings bottled up. Share your worries with friends, family, or support groups. Stay away from people who tend to make situations feel worse.

Know that many others are experiencing stress and anxiety too. Reaching out for support and nurturing positive relationships can greatly lighten the emotional load.


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