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3 Benefits of Expressing Negative Emotions

After helping countless people improve their emotional health, I'm revealing the reasons why embracing negative emotions can make you healthier. By the end of this blog post you will have a sense of why negative emotions can sometimes be good!

Based on the myth that negative thoughts and feelings contribute to the development of medical conditions and disease, there grew Positivity culture. Adopting the beliefs of positivity culture can lead to serious self-blame.

Feelings of sadness and anger are normal throughout the human experience and should not be pathologized or demonized.

Here are 3 Benefits of Expressing Negative Emotions

#1 Experience Joy More Deeply

Emotions are a critical part of how you function. Yes, even the "negative" ones! If you numb yourself to negative emotions you are also numbing yourself to positive emotions. You can't pick and choose what emotions you numb yourself to. Certain emotions are incredibly painful and no one can sit in severely painful emotions 24/7. It is about finding a way to turn towards painful emotions within boundaries, working with a therapist can help. Click here to learn more about some evidence-based strategies to cope with emotional pain. Also check out this Feelings Wheel which can help you label what you are feeling and lead to deeper emotional awareness.

#2 Understand What You Need

I often wonder what it would be like to live in a world that views anger and sadness as a normal part of the human experience rather than something to be stomped out or put to an end. Emotions tell us what we need. They are a neutral source of information. Paying attention to your emotions can tell you a lot about what you need and guide you toward action. Click here for additional psychoeducation on emotions.

#3 Improves Your Future Coping

The more you turn towards what is painful and uncomfortable the less elusive the emotions involved become. You get practice at dealing with these feelings and the thoughts they trigger. This experience and practice can improve your emotional health, self understanding, and ability to cope with painful emotions the next time they show up.

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