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New York and New Jersey Psychotherapy

Life Transitions

Therapy that helps you navigate shifts and changes in life, encompassing a wide range of experiences. 

Anxiety & Stress

Therapy that helps you understand triggers and learn practical tools to manage stress effectively. 


Therapy that helps you navigate complex emotions and thoughts that may hinder healing.

Existential Anxiety

Therapy that helps you gain insights, contributing to a more intentional and purposeful approach to  life.

Cancer & Illness

Therapy that helps you address the psychological and emotional challenges of illness.

PTSD & Yoga

Holistic approach to trauma care  that combines narrative story telling, skills training,  and yoga.

Caregiver Stress

Therapy that is a space for exploration, helping you with emotional support and coping.


Therapy that utilizes the outdoors to provide opportunities for adapting to uncertainty, and moving forward.

Imagine a life where you have confidence in yourself, effectively manage overwhelming emotions, and confront life challenges with greater ease. Individuals who engage in therapy often report an overall improvement in their quality of life. Explore individual psychotherapy services today. 

Yellow Couch


New York and New Jersey Psychotherapy Services Curated with Care

Walk-and-Talk Therapy

Why Outdoor therapy? Say goodbye to the limits of the indoors. Say hello to bilateral movement, techniques to reduce stress, and the beautiful outdoors of Long Valley, New Jersey.


Trauma Sensitive Yoga 

Unlike traditional yoga practices, trauma sensitive yoga prioritizes empowerment. Individuals practice choice making and explore their bodies and sensations at their own pace. Trauma sensitive yoga provides a holistic approach to help individuals navigate reactions to trauma while fostering a sense of personal agency.

Why telehealth? Say goodbye to wasted commute time. Say hello to comfortable clothes, furry companions (if you have a pet), and scheduling flexibility, including on your lunch break.

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