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enhance your therapy with nature


You may have landed here because you...

  • experience stress and anxiety and find relief in natural settings

  • prefer a less formal and structured approach to therapy

  • struggle with sitting still for extended periods of time

  • find it easier to concentrate and express yourself when you're in motion

I'm happy you are here. 

offered in the Fall and Spring


What is Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk-and-talk therapy merges movement and nature with psychotherapy. Movement triggers endorphin release, while outdoor sessions provide essential vitamin D. This holistic approach to mental health care facilitates movement of your muscles and the use of both sides of your body and brain. The wiring of your nervous system responds to this type of bilateral stimulation by inducing a relaxation response that grounds you- especially in nature.

What does a walk-and-talk therapy session typically look like?

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Following a thorough intake process, we will work together to find a location in Long Valley, New JerseyJ that feels right for your walk-and-talk session. During the intake process, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your treatment expectations, go over topics that you're comfortable talking about during outdoor sessions, and address any concerns you may have about confidentiality. Throughout the session, you'll have the chance to find movement that works for you and talk. I may introduce techniques like mindfulness to create a meaningful and supportive experience for you.

Walk-and-Talk Therapy and Confidentiality

We will engage in a thoughtful dialogue to explore the various aspects of confidentiality within walk- and- talk sessions. It's important to determine specific topics you may prefer to avoid discussing during these sessions. We will also discuss how we would handle any chance encounters with familiar faces.

Benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy

The natural environment often provides a relaxed and open atmosphere, fostering a more casual and less intimidating setting than traditional office spaces. This dynamic form of therapy has been associated with increased creativity, improved mood, and enhanced cognitive function. The physical activity involved can also contribute to stress reduction and the release of endorphins, promoting a positive impact on mental health. Overall, walk and talk therapy provides a refreshing alternative that combines the advantages of exercise and psychotherapy, encouraging a more integrated and holistic approach to mental health.

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New York and New Jersey Psychotherapy

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Anxiety & Stress

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Existential Anxiety

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Cancer & Illness

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PTSD & Yoga

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Therapy that utilizes the outdoors to provide opportunities for adapting to uncertainty, and moving forward.

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