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Therapy for Cancer Patients and Illness


Based in Long Valley, NJ

You may have landed here because you...

  • received a diagnosis of chronic or life-threatening illness and feel overwhelmed and emotionally distressed

  • are managing a range of physical and emotional symptoms that impact your quality of life

  • are adapting to lifestyle changes due to illness that require you to make modifications and alterations to all aspects of your life

  • are stressed due to illness and it is impacting your mental health

  • are struggling with your relationships and communication with others

I'm happy you are here. Psychotherapy helps you understand your experiences, including how disease affects your life and identity.

Psychotherapy for Illness FAQs


Living without a clear diagnosis is hard—it brings uncertainty about your condition, leading to anxiety and fear about the future. Managing symptoms without a clear plan can make you feel frustrated and helpless. Repeated visits to the healthcare system without answers might leave you feeling powerless and distrusting. In cases of undiagnosed chronic illnesses, there's the added challenge of medical gaslighting, where symptoms are dismissed. This not only erodes trust but also amplifies frustration and neglect. That's where chronic illness counseling comes in—it provides a space to tackle these feelings and helps individuals cope with the emotional toll of living with undiagnosed chronic conditions.


Young adults dealing with chronic illness face disruptions to education, careers, and social lives, often feeling isolated in a world that may not fully grasp their challenges. Balancing medical responsibilities with the desire for independence is difficult, impacting well-being and future outlook. Accessing healthcare, managing invisible illness stigma, and finding purpose beyond health limitations add to the struggles. Chronic illness counseling provides vital support, offering a dedicated space for emotional exploration and empowerment. It helps young adults advocate for themselves in healthcare, fosters effective communication, and aids in setting goals amid the various life facets affected by chronic illness.


Living with cancer presents numerous challenges that can make life difficult. The disease often involves symptoms that can be debilitating and unpredictable, making it challenging to plan and carry out daily activities. The physical limitations imposed by cancer can lead to decreased mobility, chronic pain, fatigue, and overall reduced energy levels, hindering individuals from engaging in activities they once enjoyed. In addition, managing cancer often requires significant medical interventions, such as frequent doctor visits, medications, and treatments, which can be time-consuming, costly, and emotionally draining.


The burden of constantly monitoring and managing one's health can be overwhelming and lead to increased stress and anxiety.  Dealing with the emotional and psychological toll of cancer, such as feelings of frustration, grief, isolation, and a sense of loss, can further compound the difficulties. 


Therapy for cancer patients and psychotherapy for cancer survivors can address the emotional impact of cancer,  helping individuals navigate feelings of anxiety, depression, grief, and guilt.  Providing a holistic approach to counseling for cancer patients promotes well-being, enhances quality of life, and assists individuals in finding a sense of control and empowerment.

Do I need therapy for cancer and illness?


Maybe you've coped with illness by avoiding activities, people, or situations that might trigger negative emotions or remind you of your illness.

Maybe you blame yourself for your illness or believe that you caused it.

Maybe you've coped by magnifying aspects of your illness and  assuming the worst possible outcomes, and this is leading to feelings of anxiety and despair.

If this is you: Meeting with a therapist for chronic illness or cancer will provide the safe and supportive space you need to process your emotions and explore meaning and purpose in your life despite the challenges of living with illness.

Psychotherapy Services

At Person-to-Person Psychotherapy and Counseling based in Long Valley, NJ, Amanda specializes in providing therapy for individuals living with chronic illness and cancer. Amanda offers therapy to help clients navigate the intricate and often overwhelming emotions associated with their health challenges. If you reside in New Jersey or New York and are seeking a psychotherapist experienced in chronic illness and cancer support, explore the range of psychotherapy options listed below.

Life Transitions Therapy

Therapy that helps you navigate shifts and changes in life, encompassing a wide range of experiences. 

Therapy for Anxiety

Therapy that helps you understand triggers and learn practical tools to manage stress effectively. 

Grief Therapy

Therapy that helps you navigate complex emotions and thoughts that may hinder healing.

Existential Anxiety

Therapy that helps you gain insights, contributing to a more intentional and purposeful approach to  life.

Psychotherapy for Cancer and Illness

Therapy that helps you address the psychological and emotional challenges of illness.

Therapy and Yoga for Trauma

Holistic approach to trauma care  that combines narrative story telling, skills training,  and yoga.

Caregiver Stress

Therapy that is a space for exploration, helping you with emotional support and coping.

Walk-and-Talk Therapy

Therapy that utilizes the outdoors to provide opportunities for adapting to uncertainty, and moving forward.

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