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achieving balance in times of flux


You may have landed here because you...

  • are uncertain about the future and feeling overwhelmed

  • are leaving behind friends and family

  • are leaving behind or letting go of something in your life

  • are feeling uncertain in your role, purpose, or sense of self 

  • are adapting to a new environment, lifestyle, or routine

I'm happy you are here.

New York and New Jersey Psychotherapy


What are life transitions?

Life transitions are similar to the chapters of a book – they're the moments when our story takes a new turn. This encompasses a wide range of life experiences. It could mean starting college, getting your dream job, divorce, parenthood, empty nest, and more. Transitions are the milestones that shape who we become, bringing fresh perspectives, challenges, and chances to learn.

Why are life transitions so hard?

Life transitions can stir up a mixture of emotions and uncertainties. Feeling unsure, questioning your capabilities, or pondering over choices is all part of what makes it so difficult. Sometimes, we bid farewell to the old to make room for the new. That's where therapy comes in as a great support. Therapy will explore these feelings to help you gain insights and develop strategies to navigate life transitions and find meaning. 

Life Transitions and Mental Health

Your feelings, concerns, and aspirations about important changes in your life truly matter. During our sessions, we'll delve into your thoughts, reshape your perspectives, handle emotional hurdles with care, and create practical steps while keeping things realistic. The goal of life transitions therapy is to provide you with a place where you can express your feelings, make sense of life's shifts, and discover your inner strengths.

Examples of life transitions we might explore together

  • Relationship Changes

  • Career Transitions

  • Parenthood

  • Empty Nest

  • Retirement

  • Relocation

  • Identity

  • Life transitions and grief

  • life transition in older adults


Maybe you've coped with life transitions by avoiding it, ignoring it, or minimizing it's significance.

Maybe you've tried to overcompensate by taking on too much responsibility or striving for perfection to prove your worth or competence. 

Maybe you've withdrawn from social support and isolated yourself from friends and family.

If this is you: Therapy for life transitions provides the necessary support you need for self-exploration and personal growth. Meeting with a therapist is an opportunity for you to reflect on your values, beliefs, and goals, while exploring new possibilities.

holistic psychotherapy

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New York and New Jersey Psychotherapy

Life Transitions

Therapy that helps you navigate shifts and changes in life, encompassing a wide range of experiences. 

Anxiety & Stress

Therapy that helps you understand triggers and learn practical tools to manage stress effectively. 


Therapy that helps you navigate complex emotions and thoughts that may hinder healing.

Existential Anxiety

Therapy that helps you gain insights, contributing to a more intentional and purposeful approach to  life.

Cancer & Illness

Therapy that helps you address the psychological and emotional challenges of illness.

PTSD & Yoga

Holistic approach to trauma care  that combines narrative story telling, skills training,  and yoga.

Caregiver Stress

Therapy that is a space for exploration, helping you with emotional support and coping.


Therapy that utilizes the outdoors to provide opportunities for adapting to uncertainty, and moving forward.

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